Bears: A Year in the Life

"What good is a bear?" Matthias Breiter opens this thoughtful and superbly illustrated book, Bears: A Year in the Life with this surprising question. He answers it by taking us on a fascinating journey through an entire year in the life of North America's great bears - the black bear, the brown bear and the polar bear.

Beginning in February when the bears first wake from hibernation and give birth, we watch these magnificent creatures hunt, feed, play mate and breed until the return of winter, when the need to hibernate begins the cycle again. Bears is packed with facts and details gained over a lifetime of study and photography by its internationally renowned author, Matthias Breiter.

Reviews: "Award-winning biologist and wildlife photographer Matthias Breiter chronicles the story of the mother brown bear in his new book, Bears: A Year In The Life. Through his excellent pictures, bears are seen as survival specialists. From the icy wastes of the Arctic, where the polar bear rules supreme, to the suburban haunts of America's black bears, these intelligent, inquisitive creatures are adept at eking out a living." (Sunday Express, Dec 2007) "Matthias Breiter's devotion to his subjects is clear. Follow three species of bears for an entire year, as they emerge bleary-eyed from hibernation, fish for salmon or meet woodpeckers while climbing trees - a gorgeous chronicle of bear life." Wanderlust (Feb 2008) "That Breiter is a biologist as well as an accomplished photographer is clear. Here, he takes you closer to the bears of North America than I would otherwise have dared without him...Reaching the end of the book, I realised that I had entered the North American bear's world with a wonderful guide and mentor." BBC Wildlife (Jan 2008)

Price: $24.95

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