Bears of Katmai

This book portrays brown bears as what they are: highly adaptable animals that defy generalization. Matthias Breiter draws on his vast experience among the Bears of Katmai to offer a different perspective on these animals. He shares his unique insights into the daily lives of the bears throughout the seasons. Each chapter describes a different bear at a specific stage in its life: cubs exploring their environment in their first spring; large males fighting for supremacy over fishing sites in the summer; and 'Diver', the calm Methuselah of the bears of the Brooks River, catching salmon as the snow flies in the late fall.

Edition: English Language 2008 - Printed in Canada.

Matthias Breiter's spectacular photographs and articles have been published worldwide. The Bears of Katmai has won broad public acclaim and has been called a work of art. Reviews: "Buy this book for the outstanding photographs!!! I thouroughly enjoyed this book, and everytime I pick it up, I get this urge to fly to Alaska to see these magnificent creatures." (William R. Kramer, Jun 2003) "This book is beautiful ... Matthias Breiter may very well be the most knowledgeable naturalist on earth when it come to brown bears." (April V., Jun 2001)

Price: $19.95

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