Wild Alaska

Wild Alaska is a breathtaking exploration of the entire state, covering it from the rainforests of the Panhandle to the windswept islands of the Bering Sea and to the Arctic plains in the far north. Both through images and words, this stunning and inspirational book pays respects to the states immense diversity in the landforms and in its wildlife. Wild Alaska is a celebration of the beauty of nature and a declaration of love for the state.

The pages of this book were printed on chlorine free paper made with 10% post-consumer waste, saving 6 fully grown trees, 2,677 gallons of water, 163 pounds of solid waste and 556 pounds of greenhouse gases. Printed in Canada.

Alaska covers 615,230 square miles, stretching 2,400 miles east to west and over 1,400 miles north to south. Its coastline is nearly double that of the rest of the country. Temperate rainforest envelopes mountainsides in the far south whereas Arctic semi-desert spreads in the north. Over eighty percent of all sea birds in the United States occur in the western part of the state alone. The majority of the total population of bald eagles and grizzlies thrive in Alaska. More than a dozen species of whales live in its coastal waters. Migrating salmon choke streams so that it appears possible to cross the water walking on their backs. Seventeen of the twenty loftiest peaks in the United States are found in Alaska including the roof of North America, Mount McKinley. Thirty active volcanos dot the Alaska Peninsula and the Aleutain Chain. Alaska defies generalization. It is a land of truly continental dimensions and global significance.

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